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Range & Layout: Spirits

Grow your sales +18%1 by stocking the best selling brands and making them easy to shop


'Product range' is the top reason for shoppers choosing a convenience store, behind 'close to home' and 'opening hours'2, therefore retailers should stock an edited range of top selling brands. Remember, well known brands will reflect on the quality of your store.



Remember to consider your customers and the area your store is located in. A store that attracts younger (18-25 year old) shoppers could benefit from increasing their space of Vodka and Imported Whisky.

Vodka and imported whiskeyChoose your planogram

Product & Space Recommendations

  • Smirnoff Vodka


    28% of fixture
    1. Smirnoff Red Label
    2. Glen's
    3. Absolut
    4. Cîroc
  • Blended Whisky

    Blended Whisky

    21% of fixture
    1. Bell's Original
    2. Famous Grouse
    3. High Commissioner
    4. Johnie Walker Black Label
  • Malt Whisky

    Malt Whisky

    3% of fixture
    1. Glenfiddich 12 YO
    2. Aberlour 10 YO
  • Brandy & Cognac

    Brandy & Cognac

    7% of fixture
    1. Courvoisier VS
    2. Three Barrels
  • Gin


    7% of fixture
    1. Gordon's
    2. Tanqueray
    3. Tanqueray 10
  • Imported Whisky

    Imported Whisky

    5% of fixture
    1. Jack Daniels
    2. Jameson's Irish Whisky
    3. Jim Beam
    4. Bulleit Bourbon
  • Rum & Rum Based Spirits

    Rum & Rum Based Spirits

    9% of fixture
    1. Bacardi Carta Blanca
    2. Captain Morgan's Spiced
    3. Captain Morgan
    4. Captain Morgan White
  • Speciality Drinks

    Speciality Drinks

    9% of fixture
    1. Southern Comfort
    2. Malibu
    3. V-Kat Schnapps
    4. Pimms No. 1
  • Non Cream Liqueurs

    Non Cream Liqueurs

    9% of fixture
    1. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
    2. Jagermeister
    3. Disaronno
    4. Sourz Apple
  • Cream Liqueurs

    Cream Liqueurs

    2% of fixture
    1. Baileys Original

Top selling brands based on Nielsen Scantrack Convenience Value Sales MAT 02.02.13.
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Ensure your fixture is easy to shop by following these principles:

  • Blocking
  • Brand Signposts
  • Clear Pricing



Sub-categories should be blocked together on shelf, i.e. all Vodka together, as this helps shoppers see what a store has available more easily. On larger fixtures, vertical blocking is easier for the shopper to navigate. Ideally, faster selling categories/products should be at eye level.

Brand Signposts


Brand leaders are recognisable and therefore shoppers associate these with the sub-category. For example, Smirnoff® and the colour red are associated with the Vodka category. Place these brands in the centre of the sub-category in order to help shoppers find what they are looking for.

Clear Pricing

Clear Pricing

Shoppers are less likely to make a purchase if they are unsure of the price. Ensure the price of each product is clearly communicated.

Choose your planogram

Sources: 1Diageo Store Trial 8 wk sales data 23.09.08 to 23.11.08. 2IGD GB Convenience Retailing May 2011. 3Q4, 2014 Global Consumer Confidence based on 60 countries in the online survey. 4Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey and Nielsen SOTN 2015. 5Him! CTP 2015. 6Nielsen Scantrack WE 20.06.2015. 6IGD Shopper Track, 2011.

“Our Spirits sales are up +12%* and this is down to a more logical layout”

Raj, Costcutter, Bexley
Source: *FCRS/Shop Project 2010.
Raj, Costcutter, Bexley

Grow Your Spirits Sales +18%1

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