Simple Advice To Grow Your Alcohol Sales


INSPIRE: Range & Layout

Grow your sales +24%1 by stocking the best selling brands and making them easy to shop


The average store stocks over 50 lines but will only sell 19/week, the top 20 spirits brands account for 69% of total spirits sales in impulse 6.



Remember to consider your customers and the area your store is located in. A store that attracts younger (18-25 year old) shoppers could benefit from increasing their space of Vodka, Gin and Imported Whisky.

Vodka and imported whiskeyChoose your planogram

Product & Space Recommendations

  • Smirnoff Vodka


    26% of fixture
    1. Smirnoff Red Label
    2. Glen's
    3. Absolut
    4. Cîroc
  • Blended Whisky

    Blended Whisky

    16% of fixture
    1. Bell's Original
    2. Famous Grouse
    3. High Commissioner
    4. Johnie Walker Black Label
  • Malt Whisky

    Malt Whisky

    6% of fixture
    1. Glenfiddich 12 YO
    2. Glenmorangie Original
  • Brandy & Cognac

    Brandy & Cognac

    3% of fixture
    1. Courvoisier VS
    2. Three Barrels
  • Gin


    10% of fixture
    1. Gordon's
    2. Gordon's Pink
    3. Tanqueray
  • Imported Whisky

    Imported Whisky

    9% of fixture
    1. Jack Daniels
    2. Jameson's Irish Whisky
    3. Jim Beam
    4. Bulleit Bourbon
  • Rum & Rum Based Spirits

    Rum & Rum Based Spirits

    16% of fixture
    1. Bacardi Carta Blanca
    2. Captain Morgan's Spiced
    3. Captain Morgan
    4. Captain Morgan White
  • Speciality Drinks

    Speciality Drinks

    6% of fixture
    1. Southern Comfort
    2. Malibu
    3. V-Kat Schnapps
    4. Pimms No. 1
  • Non Cream Liqueurs

    Non Cream Liqueurs

    6% of fixture
    1. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
    2. Jagermeister
    3. Disaronno
    4. Sourz Apple
  • Cream Liqueurs

    Cream Liqueurs

    3% of fixture
    1. Baileys Original

Top selling brands based on Nielsen Scantrack Convenience Value Sales MAT 02.12.17.
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Ensure your fixture is easy to shop by following these principles:

  • Blocking
  • Brand Signposts
  • Clear Pricing



Sub-categories should be blocked together (such as vodka, gin and rum) as it helps shoppers see what a store has to offer more easily. Consider vertical blocking for larger fixtures to make them easier to navigate.

Brand Signposts


Brand leaders such as Smirnoff and Gordon's are recognisable - place them in the centre of the sub-category to make them stand out.

Clear Pricing

Clear Pricing

Shoppers are less likely to make a purchase if they are unsure of the price. Ensure the price of each product is clearly communicated.

Choose your planogram

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Sub-categories should be blocked together (such as vodka, gin and rum) as it helps shoppers see what a store has to offer more easily.