Simple Advice To Grow Your Alcohol Sales


DISPLAY - Make it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for in store with these four key merchandising rules:

Range and layoutBLOCKING

Sub-categories should be blocked together (such as vodka, gin and rum) as it helps shoppers see what a store has to offer more easily.

Range and layout

Simply remerchandising your Spirits fixture in line with our guidelines can increase sales by 16%.

Diageo store trials, 2017

Brand leaders such as Smirnoff and Gordon's are recognisable - place them in the centre of the sub-category to make them stand out.

John Vine

The average time taken to make a Spirits purchase decision in a Convenience Store is just 13 seconds so making it as easy as possible to shop the fixture is key.

Kantar research, 2016

Shoppers are less likely to make a purchase if they are unsure of the cost. Ensure the price of each product is clearly labelled.


Price is the most important piece of information shoppers want to see at the fixture and so having clear pricing on the fixture can significantly increase the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase.

HIM Spirits Category Focus 2016
Chillers and premixFRIDGE SPACE

Maximise fridge space - half of all beers and ciders purchased in the convenience channel are consumed on the same day so tap into this opportunity by providing a greater variety of chilled ready-to-drink beverages.

Chillers and premix

Sales of premix cans increase by a minimum of 50% when the cans are merchandised in a fridge so make sure you have the right products in your BWS chilled space.

Diageo store trials, 2016