Simple Advice To Grow Your Alcohol Sales


Retailer Testimonials

“Opportunities like this are invaluable, and I plan on continuing to use these ideas to further increase sales in the future.”

Vipul PabariVipul Pabari, Connaught Road Post Office & Supermarket, Leicester

“It's been a positive experience working with Diageo. I'd definitely recommend the process to other shopkeepers – 100 per cent. You've got to be proactive in this business.”

John VineJohn Vine, Newsworld, Church Stretton
Range and layoutRANGE AND LAYOUT

“Our Spirits sales are up +12%* and this is down to a more logical layout”

Raj, Costcutter, BexleyRaj, Costcutter, Bexley
Source: *FCRS/Shop Project 2010.
Range and layout

“Diageo helped us re-categorise our spirits behind the counter so that they're more visible. The customer can better see what they're looking for”

Vipul PabariVipul Pabari, Connaught Road Post Office & Supermarket, Leicester
Free your spiritsFREE YOUR SPIRITS

“We've seen a 12%* increase in sales as the Spirits category is far more visible out in the open”

Depesh PatelDepesh Patel, Kwickmart, Copthorne
Source: *FCRS/Shop Project 2010.
Free your spirits

“As an independent retailer, I'm always looking to work with suppliers to help me push my business forward, and Diageo have helped me do just that. I've seen great results and it has proved to me that moving my spirits from behind the counter is worth the minimal security risk it affords.”

Kennedy NayerKennedy Nayer, Nisa Local Shrewsbury
Price and marked packsPRICE MARKED PACKS

"It’s what the customer wants!

Raj AggarwalRaj Aggarwal, Londis, Wigston
Price and marked packs

"Price marked packs attract customers to my store and allow small convenience retailers to compete with the larger retail chains. I have seen my sales of Spirits, particularly price marked vodkas, and mixers rocket”

Manish Patel, Londis, Leicester
Permanent visibilityPERMANENT VISIBILITY

"It's made me think about what interesting link deals I can use to promote our Alcohol ranges, like putting snacks in the mobile display unit and upselling mixers"

Rav GarchaRav Garcha, Nisa Local, Shrewsbury
Permanent visibility

“We're always struggling with finding space in our shop so the mobile display unit should help with this.”

BalwinderPeterBalwinder, Satnam & Peter Gill, Premier Ironville Post Office, Nottingham
Chillers and premixCHILLERS AND PREMIX

"Since increasing my range of Premix and moving it to the fridge, sales have increased"

Depesh PatelDepesh Patel, Kwickmart, Copthorne
Chillers and premix

“Our premix drinks are going really well. We re-stocked our chillers with them and we've been surprised how fast they are selling.”

John VineJohn Vine, Newsworld, Church Stretton Drink Responsibly.

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