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 Ciroc Mango

 Cîroc Mango is masterfully infused with mango and other natural flavours resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth.

 Ciroc Mango

In the glass, you get bright tropical mango notes on the nose with undertones of tangy citrus. To taste, you immediately sense creamy Carabao mangos combining with tangy citrus and other tropical fruit flavours to create a unique melange of tastes and layers of flavour. At the heart of this unique, luxury vodka are select grapes grown high in the idyllic Gaillic region of France.

Ciroc Mango Vodka is deliciously smooth and infused with natural flavours that make it a great cocktail base for fruit flavour inspired cocktails. This new addition to the Cîroc portfolio is sure to become the heart of many hot celebrations this year!


Captain Morgan Mojito

Captain Morgan White Rum Mojito is made from a selection of the finest Caribbean rums & mixed with mint, lime, sugar & soda.

The Captain's mojito is deliciously crisp with a refreshing taste. 250ml. Best served chilled. You can now enjoy the Captain's legendary White Rum Mojito wherever you are with this perfectly mixed ready-to-drink cocktail

 Captain Morgan Mojito

Hop House 13

HOP HOUSE 13 Lager continues the journey that started in September 2014 when GUINNESS celebrated the quality and craft of brewing, with the launch of The Brewer's Project. The Brewer's Project is about a group of enterprising brewers who are on a quest to explore new recipes, reinterpret old ones and collaborate freely to bring exciting beers to life. The new lager became the third release from The Brewer's Project, joining Dublin Porter and West Indies Porter.


HOP HOUSE 13 is a delicious double-hopped lager, brewed with Irish barley and aromatic hops and continues Guinness's 256 years of heritage and brewing excellence at St. James's Gate, Dublin. It's a crisp and full-flavoured lager with subtle malty notes and fresh hop aromas with hints of Apricot and Peach. If you like to try new and interesting lagers, then Hop House 13 offers more character, flavour and taste.


Smirnoff Cider

Discover a new take on cider from Smirnoff.

Smirnoff Pouches

Perfect for those long summer evenings. Enjoy served over ice in a glass or chilled straight from the bottle, with friends. 

Rye Pale Ale

GUINNESS®, the UK's No.1 stout from Diageo, is extending the successful Brewers Project with the launch of the GUINNESS® Rye Pale Ale, the latest beer from St. James's Gate Dublin.

Premix Cans

The new addition is the fifth innovation from The Brewers Project following GUINNESS® Dublin Porter and GUINNESS® West Indies Porter which were the number one and two launches in 2015 . The proven success of the existing GUINNESS® ales demonstrates the strong ROS potential of GUINNESS® Rye Pale Ale for the off-trade.: Drink Responsibly.

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